Pro Mod/Outlaw

2017 OVOS Schedule

Qualifying & Eliminations on Saturday
June 17, July 22, August 19
Gates Noon
Time Runs 2PM
Eliminations 6PM
Spectators - $15

Pro Mod
Pro Street
Runner Up

Class Rules

*subject to revision if necessary

Outlaw (Pro Mod)

All NHRA and track safety rules apply
All screw blown combos: C-rotor allowed a maximum of 92% overdrive, D-rotor allowed a maximum of 100% overdrive

Pro Street

All NHRA and track safety rules apply
Must have mufflers
Must have working headlights and taillights
Lexan allowed (windows do not have to function)
After market bolt on front clip allowed
Tube Chassis limited to stock wheelbase +/- 1”
Tube Chassis required to carry 50% on front tires
Pro chargers are limited to a F3 series
Twin-turbo combos (big and small block) limited to 76mm turbo MAXIMUM
Alcohol permitted
**Above 101 Turbo and F-3 Supercharged cars limited to 10.5X31W tire**
**Any roots blower 8-71 and smaller can run any tire**
**Any roots over 8-71 limited to 10.5 X 31W tire**
**Any F-2 Procharger or 101 and smaller turbo can run a 33W tire**
Any HEMI heads on 5" or larger bore space limited to 31W tire
2250lbs. small block N/A
2550lbs. small block NOS (2 stages)
3000lbs. small block blowers and turbos
***3200lbs small block twin turbo***(true 10.5/no wheelie bars)
2400lbs. BB N/A conventional heads
2500lbs. BB N/A Chrysler with non conv heads
2550lbs. BB N/A under 5"bs non conventional heads
2700lbs. BB N/A 5" bs
2800lbs. BB N/A over 5"bs
2900lbs. BB NOS with conventional heads(single stage)
2950lbs. BB NOS with conventional heads(two stage)
3100lbs. BB NOS non-conventional heads-single stage
3200lbs. BB NOS UNDER 5"BS non-conv two-stage(big tires)
3200lbs. BB NOS 5" and over non-conv two-stage run on 31W tire
3100lbs. BB blowers and turbos
***3300lbs BB twin turbo***(true 10.5/no wheelie bars)
Add 50lbs for ANY billet heads
Add 50lbs for split carbs on all combos(on big tire combos only)
Add 50lbs for sheet metal intakes on NOS combos(big tires only)
Add 100lbs for Symmetrical Heads on NOS combo(big tires only)
Add 100lbs for clutch
Deduct 75lbs for use of single carb on any combo
Deduct 125lbs. for single stage plate
Deduct 100lbs for a true 10.5" slick except on the 101+MM turbos and the F-3 superchargers.

BOP combos run at small block weights